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View from the Consolation Lakes Trail

Still on the main trail

Wait a minute, shouldn't we be over there?

Mount Quadra - definitely the wrong direction

Finally back on track

Elephant Head Flower

The bush wacking part

The boggy part

Back to the start and figuring out plan B over lunch

On the trail to Eiffel Lake

Fay Glacier

Dale at Eiffel Lake with Wenkchemna Pass in the background

Dale's lunch must be really good

Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel nabbed a piece of carrot

The carrot was OK but have you got any cookies?


John enjoys the view

A Hoary Marmot checks us out

He isn't afraid

Got anymore lunch?

Toll of 1 cookie if you want to pass

Moraine Lake

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Wenkchemna Pass

(MP4 - 1.72 MB)

Hoary Marmot

It was Ena's birthday and the plan was join her and John in a birthday hike from Moraine Lake to Boom Lake via Panorama Ridge. Unfortunately the trail isn't maintained on the Morain Lake side and we spent a couple of hours searching for it in the huckleberry bushes. We weren't lost! Really. We just didn't know how to get where we wanted to go! We finally admitted defeat and headed back the way we came. This took us through a bog so in addition to scratched legs we ended up with soggy feet. But the scenery was still spectacular with views of the Tower of Babel.

We stopped for lunch beside a soothing creek and came up with plan B which was to head back to Moraine Lake and hike up to Eiffel Lake. Because of our earlier misadventures we didn't get on the trail until 3:00 pm but it worked out well because by that time, the throngs of tourists had thinned out. 2 of the groups that we did pass warned us that there was a mother grizzly with cubs on the trail by the lake but we chose to carry on (bear spray at the ready) and hoped that the bears had read the stats that there are no known attacks by bears on groups of 4 or more.

By the time we got to the lake the bears were long gone but we enjoyed the views of the Valley of 10 Peaks, Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass in the background. While we didn't have an encounters with bears, we did meet some of the local wildlife. A Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel took a fancy to Dale's lunch and helped himself. Then we saw a couple of Hoary Marmots who were definitely not afraid of us. Also a well camoflaged Ptarmigan who was a bit more shy than the marmots and waddled away quickly.

Even though it didn't go as planned, it was a great day with beautiful scenery and interaction with the natives.

Panorama Ridge will wait for another day, next time via the Taylor Lake route!

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