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Skyline - Thunder Bay

Sleeping Giant

Terry Fox Memorial form Hwy 17

Terry Fox Memorial

Terry Fox Memorial

Gas station Murals

Gas station Murals

Indian Head stone

Indina Head Legend

Nipigon campsite welcome

Day 35 Thunder Bay to Nipigon

109.72 km 25.1 kph 4 hrs 21 min total time 5 hr 45 min plan dist 109 km

Another nice day - 7 am temperature about 18 degrees - to high of about 26 degrees - humidity continues.

Lots of commotion this morning - getting laundry and other stuff back to the truck and loaded and then breakfast for 27 in the townhouse. First time we were able to get real toast ( it is the small things that you appreciate) .

It has been very hot & humid the last two nights - the residence rooms were not well ventilated and most people did not get good sleep these past two nights.

It was slow getting out of Thunder Bay and back onto hwy 11/17 . At the north end of town there is a very nice park that overlooks the city

and in the morning with haze over the harbour ( Lake Superior) we were able to get another look at the sleeping giant

. About 1km on the 11/17 leaving Thunder Bay is the Terry Fox memorial - situated very close to the location that he had to finish his run . Some pictures - from the highway looking up

and then two profiles from the top

. The site & monument was initially built in 1980 and then the approach road , landscaping and the addition of a interpretation & visitor centre was completed about 10 years ago . The site is exceptionally well maintained - a great tribute to Terry Fox...

The ride along 11/17 was relatively slow due to construction ( at 3 places - with stops etc), heavy traffic ( the only route east-west) and the very narrow and exceptionally rough shoulders . Several kms of the road has been reconstructed this summer - only two weeks ago there was about 5kms of gravel - now all paved. Pete , Jim & I drafted - John was on gallery duty & therefore a late departure. We stopped at Dorion for lunch - some interesting murals , of mostly wildlife, completely covered the gas station building

. To add to the murals they had also erected a stone "Indian Head"

- this odd shaped rock was apparently the result of misfortunes when the gods were creating the rock formations of the local area


We got into the campsite relatively early - an hour before Meagan & the truck - it was frozen yogurt at the camp store and posing for pictures at the unique greeting created by the campsite owners


By 930 most people were in their tents , to catch up on sleep . It has cooled off nicely and sleeping should be great tonight. Tomorrow we will start 3 days of likely some of our toughest climbing - long steep hills through the Canadian Shield towards Wawa...

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