Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Miss Shirley with Gracie and Delise

The clean machine

Gracie is smiling now

Chip talks biking with Delise

Shirley flanked by Paul's mother, Ruth, and Namwiza

Christmas came early thanks to Chip

Melissa with her gift

Christelle with hers and me with mine

Gracie has finally warmed up to me

Paul eats dinner as the rest of us eat cake

We are still at Paul and Namwiza's and yesterday was more like a work day. I took the camper 35 miles to be worked on with less than perfect results. Our water hoses were fixed quickly but after 2 more hours they could not find the fix for the back up camera. I came back and took the monitor apart but no success there either. They did fix the cord but it still didn't work. I need to find a place that specializes in this kind of thing. Then I washed the entire rig finally! Shirley worked with Namwiza in the kitchen. This may not sound like much but when you have never had a dishwasher and you are from a third world country you just don't know how to use it or other appliances. Shirley taught her how to bake a cake and pancakes. Organized the kitchen and put some shelving in. She was a busy girl. And she got up this morning to take Chip to the airport at 4:30. We are planning on leaving today but we still have a few things to do. Not sure how far we will get. But with a clean truck and camper you got to know it is raining today. Enjoy the pics.

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