Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The cooks

The spread

The gang

The boys

Jo and Peggy do dishes

Camping out Melissa, Grace, Delise

A bit of breakfast for Delise, Melissa, and Shirley

We had another really great day yesterday. It started off as a farewell breakfast put on by Shirley and me for our new NOMAD friends in San Antonio. We really felt badly leaving them with two weeks to go but that is the nature of "drop ins". We got up early and prepared pancakes (with all the fixin's), scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage links. Coffee was prepared by Jo and Glenn, and juice provided by Peggy. We provided the dishes and silverware and we had a good time eating and talking. It was time for us to go but evidently the big honkin' dually wanted to stay because I could not get it started. Glenn came to the rescue with jumper cables and all seems fine now. We headed up to Austin TX to visit for a couple of days with our refugee friends Paul and Namweza and their growing family (5 kids). We really love these folks who we met at North Decatur First United Methodist Church shortly after they were assigned by the Red Cross to the US and Atlanta. You may remember, we were here very early on in our trip and so we have lines on our Texas map that meet. Hence, full circle. We are staying again tonight (Sunday) and leaving early to take the camper in for service (minor). We are then heading toward Houston. Enjoy the pics.

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