Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Glenn and Gary measuring twice

We call her detail Peggy

Go to Jo spackling

Don screwing around

Shirley and Don in their window

Darn it's hot up here

Please Lord help us finish soon

So good Pat can file with her eyes closed

Cozy work space

Shirley in her element


Night all

Bulging hose is the culprit

Thank Goodness It's Thursday was our battle cry yesterday. You may remember we NOMADS work 4 days a week so Thursday is our Friday. And MAN did we work right to quittin' time. Peggy and I FINISHED the exterior of the storage building we have been working on and if I do say so myself, it looks great. We moved on to its twin on another part of the campus. All the nails and trim boards are now caulked. Shirley and Don again did wonders building their office space with some spacking help from Jo. But Jo was mainly working with Gary and Glenn getting the attic completely drywalled and taped. Hats off to these folks who were in the attic on an low 80's day. We found Pat hard at work again updating the dead files with confidential information on folks that are no longer at the home. Today she had company, working in an office with two others. We capped the day off with a pot luck dinner and since it was so beautiful we ate outside. The menu included Shirley's great salad, hamburgers and hot dogs grilled by Jo and Bob respectively, Jo's famous potato salad, Peggy's baked beans and for desert two kinds of ice cream with toppings by Don and Pat. We had a wonderful time. After everyone went in for the night is when the "fun" started for us. The hot water hose to the kitchen sink blew off and we had water flowing out the back of the camper. This happened last time we were in Texas you may recall about 10 months ago and we had it fixed. Well it needs fixin' again. Then we found our grey water tank was full since it was overflowing to the bathtub. No big deal except it was after 11 PM and the way the sewer is situated is UP hill from the camper. Liquid doesn't flow up hill. We needed to raise the camper to dump. But that is noisy and we are very close to our neighbors. We had quite a time getting the sink and shower water to where it belongs. We finally settled in and had STRONG winds all night (gusts over 30mph). One good thing, it dried all the soaked towels from the leak. Heading to the historic district of the Alamo and River Walk today as a group and greatly looking forward to it. Enjoy the pics.

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