Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Our team at Ash Wednesday service on campus

Nice sanctuary

Peggy and I getting it done

Shirley and Don fitting out the office wall

Don giving it the muscle

Pat filing it under G for goodness gracious

Shirley enjoying her power tools

Jo and I making sure Peggy does't fall

Gary and Glenn strategizing on dinner plans

Hey Jo, can you take this

Gary and Glenn installing the vent

As in our muscles....sensitive (I know mine are). We really worked today in the sunshine and upper 70's on a beautiful day IF you weren't working in an attic or on a roof. We all continued our projects, Peggy and I virtually finished our painting of the storage building (complete with contrasting trim). Gary and Glenn worked putting up more dry wall in the loft of the building AND installing a roof vent that is perfect. Jo was a floater today as she helped all teams with their projects as needed. She was go to Jo. Pat was filing her fingers off as she continues to shine in the main office. Today she filed and filed papers and folders. Shirley and Don made great progress on their office conversion. Door installed, door out and wall in. Impressive! We took a break midway though the day to attend Ash Wednesday services here on campus. There was a mixture of students, staff and NOMADS. It was very nice. We are having such a wonderful time with these folks who make working fun. Enjoy the pics.

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