Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

More insulation for Glenn and Gary

I do the rough work while Peggy calks the gable

There was a wall here yesterday Don

Shirley displays the moldings from the door soon to become a wall

Pat shreds away

Finally, breaktime

Husband and wife work team, Gary and Jo

Gary and Glenn sweatin' in the loft

Shirley cleaning up

Noisy Don

Voila, the door

Quitin' time

Hanging out

Playing games

The rest of us

Shirley giving a clue

Man did we work today! But it was good. We work very well together and play well too. A bit about the Methodist Mission Home. There are a number of things going on here. First, the campus is about 3 times that of TMM in Tucson. The kids have all completed high school but have some kind of disability that makes them need a transition to the work place. They come here for 18 months of "life" training. After these skills are learned they are helped to find a job and move on. There is also a facility that caters to unwed mothers to be that have decided to carry their baby to full term and adopt out the child. Most of these girls are in high school and continue their education at a local school. There is also a "half-way" house for women who have been released from jail. They do very good work and the campus has beautiful grounds but struggles a bit in keeping up with all the maintenance. Hence the NOMADS and other volunteer organizations. Today we all went back to our duties of yesterday. Pat worked wonders in the office, Don and Shirley made quite some headway turning a file room into an office, while Jo, Gary and Glenn sweated in the loft of the storage shed putting insulation and wallboard up in the torrid attic heat. Peggy and I finished up painting the groves in the woodwork and cutting in the the borders to make the outside ready for paint rolling tomorrow. I am sure I speak for all when I say I have sore muscles. Everyone sat out on this beautiful evening in our camp chairs and chatted for an hour before we broke for dinner. Game night fun was next. We laughed as we played two different games with friendly competition between the guys and the girls and than against each other. We LOVE being NOMADs. It is very rewarding and we are having such a good time. Enjoy the pics.

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