Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Glenn and Don clearing the way

Peggy and Don movin' the dry wall

Don and Peggy strategizing with Mission Director Dale

Gary sticks his finger in the socket while Glenn reads the directions....

Jo works the power driver

Shirley, Jo and Peggy discuss the critter that left in a hurry

Peggy pounding while I have a sit down job

Yes boys, you have to do the loft too

Don says the sawsall fixes everything

Moving the file cabinets to work on the door

Oh deer

Today was day one of the NOMADS project at the Methodist Mission Home in San Antone. What a team we have! After a welcome, orientation of the operation and tour we were ready. It was time for our break. However, this provided us the opportunity to strategize on what jobs each of us should do while the chief maintenance guy went for supplies. We started on a HUGE storage shed they want to make into an interim office (while renovations are going on) and ultimately a storage space for paper files and such. So this beautiful shed needs to be insulated, dry walled, and painted inside and out (to match the campus) and the lights need to be hung and connected. The dry wall was in another storage shed and was under about 16 mattresses and box springs. Everything in front of them had to come out first. In the process some wild animal escaped from his “home” and scared just about all of us as it scooted to safety. After lunch, Don and Shirley began working on another project in one of the buildings where they are constructing an office in a file cabinet room. These NOMADS are removing a section of wall to put in a door and will be closing up an existing door and doing some electrical work. Most of us tackled the shed. Gary, Jo and Glenn did the heavy lifting and really did some fine work on the inside of this two story shed. All the insulation is in on the first floor. A platform has been built and installed in the loft to give them footing everywhere upstairs in preparation of insulating and dry walling the second story. Peggy and I set nails on all four sides then we calked all the holes and trim boards to be ready to paint tomorrow. Pat did office work and shredded papers and papers and more papers. By 4 PM we were all ready to head to the campers for a little R&R and dinner. While I was washing what I am sure was every dish and pan we have Shirley did laundry here on campus at the washers and dryers available to us at no charge. With the opportunities ahead of us we are earning our benefits but the work is rewarding and the fellowship is outstanding. Enjoy the pics.

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