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Sunset from the car, back to El Calafate

Sunset from the car, back to El Calafate

Perito Moreno glacier - see the people?


From the other side

It was back to El Calafate for our last full day before heading across the border to Chile. We had pre booked a full day tour out to Perito Moreno glacier, with our pickup being 8:30am. Unfortunately, the weather was once again not cooperating but hey, after nearly 9 weeks, you can’t expect sunshine and clear skies every day.

The glacier is approximately two hours away and by the time we got there, the weather had deteriorated. The one-hour boat cruise to the base of the glacier tested even the hardiest of tourists; it was VERY windy and the rain was icy. Unless you were dressed for the Artic, you certainly couldn’t stay out for long.

That said, I still managed to fire of a few hundred shots! The one advantage of seeing the glacier in overcast weather is you can really see the different colours of blue within the ice. It really is quite a beautiful sight.

After our boat ride and a quick lunch of empanadas, we headed to the main viewing area to see the glacier from the other side. The park management have built a series of walkways that enable you to view the glacier from a few different angles and heights and we carefully made our way down the metal path, being careful not to slip.

We were enthralled every time we heard a loud crack, wondering where the next piece of ice would carve from. Lucky for us, just before leaving, a very large chuck carved right in front of us – and I managed to get it all on “film”!

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