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We enjoy theater and cultural events; that's one of many reasons we are happy to live near Chicago. During December many special performances with a holiday theme are scheduled. Sometimes by the time we get home, most of them are sold out, so I tried to be more proactive this time. We enjoyed the performance of Irving Berlin's White Christmas last week and looked forward to attending the Second City's Dysfunctional Christmas show at the Paramount Theater in Aurora. We knew that this theater had performances of Elf, but thought of it as a children's show, which we had no interest in seeing since we have no children.

The Second City show was scheduled to begin at 7:30, but we arrived plenty early to find a spot on the street to park. A nearby casino has a deck which costs $10, but why pay? Winter temperatures have arrived here and we galloped to the theater and rushed through the doors to the welcoming warmth of the theater. The ticket taker chided us for being late. "Really?" I thought to myself. It didn't take us that long to park. She scanned our tickets and handed us off to another usher who handed us off to another usher and we found ourselves sitting four rows from the stage at 7:01pm. We looked down at the programs that had been thrust into our hands and saw that they were for Elf. We blankly looked at each other, the lights came down and the show - Elf - began. It seemed unkind to our fellow theater goers to push our way past them and out to the exit. We surreptitiously examined our tickets and found that we were sitting in the correct seats. So we stayed.

At intermission we went to the box office to see what had happened, but it was already closed. There were small signs hot of a xerox machine pasted on the exterior doors, indicating that the Second City show had been moved across the street somewhere. We looked up what we had paid for Second City - $34 - and what the seats in the fourth row of Elf cost - $113 - and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The show was well done and it was by no means for children. Ken overheard a father trying to explain DNA testing to establishh paternity to his 12-year old son in the lobby.

But we still would like to see that Second City show. Too bad it's sold out....

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