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View from our balcony...Ajnuna Plaza

Pebbles Resort our first 2 nights in Anjuna

On the wall from our Plaza balcony

Bonnie trying to get internet connection at our dinner spot - Country...

Bon reading in our room at Anjuna Plaza

Anjuna coastline...beach is further S.

Parking area in front of Anjuna Plaza

Ubiquitous Chinese blue plastic tarps used for just about all repairs and...

Goa Portuguese legacy...lots of churches

Some preparations for Diwali

More preparations for Diwali

Typical bus scene in Goa

Bullocks grazing and egrets helping

Goa harvestedrice field

New temple behind harvested field

Typical Goan house but one that is being lived in

Another typical house but under construction

Diwali scooter sale along the roadside

A sewing - stitching business along the roadside

Goa church

Goa church



Great dentist in Calangute

Last dental visit & Bon's beautiful smile

After 4th bus to Goa airport

Krishna restaurant in Calangute next to Bon's dentist

Krishna restaurant in Calangute next to Bon's dentist

Front desk at Krishna restaurant

Krishna menue

My thali at Krishna...yum!

Bus transfer/station in Mapusa, Goa

'Typical' Goa shopping area

Cafe corner where we ate in Calangute

Roadside Diwali sales

Typical roadside restaurant Goa

Photos depicting what we see every day in Goa...Diwali festival info

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