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Family made of muffler parts

A cutie

Our first look at Lake Huron

Lake Huron is a bit rougher than Lake Superior was

Castle Rock - see the small person up there?

View from half way up the stairs to Castle Rock

We have just as far to go as we have come already

We made it to the top

Quite a view

Paul Bunyan sitting down instead of the usual standing pose

Wonderful old-fashioned diner we found

Our room at St. Ignace is lovely

St. Ignace, MI Today was a travel day. Some might drive across the state directly to St. Ignace but we chose to hug the shoreline of Lake Huron. Because of our route we were able to view a sculpture made of scrap metal depicting a family with a dog – truly a “can’t miss”. Another can’t miss was a roadside park where bible verses were taped to each of the urinals. Guess someone figured it would be a captive audience for spreading the Word. We also stopped at Castle Rock and climbed the 170 steps up to the overlook. From up top we were able to see both Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. It was quite a view. The area also features statues of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. This Paul Bunyan was sitting down. In every other statue of Paul Bunyan (and there are lots!), Paul is standing and looking like he is ready to go chop down more trees.

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