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male King parrot looking for a handout

a pair of the Red Rump parrots

beautiful reflections on the lake

near the boat ramp

Thursday 8th Sept- at Lake Keepit

Tis another quiet day, but the girls have put on the washing. That should start us off with a full wardrobe again. While the girls washed, the two Rons worked on the leak that RonG has with the output pipe of the freshwater tank. Late in the afternoon we headed off again for a walk. this time we went as far as the boat ramp round near the dam wall. We walked a total of 3.7kms That was good exercise. We saw more Red Rump parrots, as well as a Rosella, and a King Parrot who was desperately trying to get us to give him some feed. We were near the kiosk at the time which is closed for renovations. I’m sure the parrot must be used to being fed by tourists. The walk continued, distracted by watching kangaroos (very few here) and a few pelicans down on the water.

Oh no! Not again. We’ve got back so late that the girls have pulled the pin on our “happy hour”. “Straight to tea, do not pass GO, do not collect $200”. We’ve got to watch this, it may become a habit, and we two blokes will fade away to a ‘cart-load’.

We are expecting rain tomorrow, so RonG has put up the annex wall that protects the doorway from rain - thus keeping us dry as we go in and out.

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