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San Diego

Today we spent the day with my cousin and her husband, who live just east of Los Angeles, about 90 mins drive from San Diego.

What can I say – we talked all day !

Didn’t see much of San Diego – it was unlucky that today we had to be back on board at 4pm, unlike most other stops where we have had time ashore through to 11pm or later, so there was no time to “go sightseeing”, but if we had, we would still have been talking. And taking photos.

Having rushed to get back on board on time, we then sat in the harbour for over an hour while we waited for the pilot to escort us out. We crawled out, and started on down the coast in the setting sun. So did the people on the balconies either side.

Our new neighbours who joined in SF to occupy the previously empty cabin have somewhat loud voices and no apparent conception that their lightest utterance is being broadcast across a half mile radius. Or that it is possible to close the balcony door silently, by simply holding the handle, not letting it bang shut every time.

On the other side, they continued their usual practice of treating the balcony furniture as a cross between giant Lego and a Meccano set – at least, that’s what it sounds like they are doing. Metal chair and table legs scraping on the metal deck…… the time they are settled, the sun has moved round and it all starts again. Hmm.

Of course this did not stop me enjoying the final bit of sun – headphones are a great invention !

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