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When I left Massachusetts in July, I knew that I'd be returning in September to attend my niece's wedding.

I had decided to drive to a large airport, making it easy to catch a plane back to Massachusetts. After six weeks of heavy driving, I finally reached Denver site of one of the largest airports in the world.

I had already made arrangements for a bunny sitter for Pooka. I had contacted the Colorado House Rabbit Society (yes, they really exist). They had recommended a woman who volunteers for the Society and who works part-time at a pet store.

I was preparing to put my RV and my truck into storage when my adventure took an unexpected turn.

One of the common pieces of advice is to rent an RV before you buy one. Early on, I learned that it's essentially impossible to rent a fifth-wheel RV. It's easy to rent a Class A or a Class C motorhome. It's fairly easy to rent a "bumper pull" trailer. But, no one rents both a fifth-wheel RV and a truck to tow it. That's why I decided, a year ago, to buy a used fifth-wheel.

Throughout my trip, I've been keeping a list of what I'd like to do differently when I buy my next RV. I've also been visiting RV dealers to see what options are available for my next RV.

Back in the East, the dealers have very few fifth-wheels in stock. As I've moved West, I've found larger and larger RV lots. Here in Colorado, I found an area with six dealers, each of which has a huge inventory of fifth-wheel trailers.

Much to my surprise, I found one dealer who had exactly what I wanted. We quickly agreed upon a trade-in value for my old RV and a price for the new one.

The next day, I took Pooka to his bunny-sitter, dropped off the old RV at the dealer, and gave them the key. I was now truly homeless, for the first time in my entire life! My new RV won't be ready until I return from my trip back East. I'll write more in this blog about my new RV when I take delivery next month.

I headed for the airport without a bunny or an RV. What followed was an odyssey of planes, trains, buses and ships!

After one night at an airport hotel, I left my truck in their parking lot, and took a shuttle to the airport. As soon as I reached the airport, I realized that I had left my cell phone in my truck. Too late now, I'll have to go without a cell phone.

Once in Boston, I took a taxi to a hotel in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

The next day, I took a hotel shuttle to the local train station, took the train to Melrose, and walked to my mom's house to visit her. Then, I reversed the process, walking to the train station, took the train to Wakefield, then the shuttle back to my hotel.

The following day, my son met me at the hotel and we drove to my niece's wedding.

The following day, I hitched a ride to Maine with my sister and her husband.

After visiting with them, my brother-in-law drove me to the bus station. I took the bus to South Station in Boston, then a taxi to North Station, then a train to my other sister's house.

This time, there was no one to meet me at the train station. There were no taxis and I had no cell phone; so, I walked to her house. Her house is on a dead-end street. Too avoid a long walk, I carried my luggage through the woods directly to her house. Shortly after, two police cruisers pulled up to the end of her dead-end street. I went out to see what was going on. One of the officers asked if I had seen a homeless guy around. Apparently, one of the neighbors had called the police saying that she'd seen a "scruffy-looking old guy carrying stuff through the woods. I admitted that I was probably the "scruff-looking old guy". I didn't mention that I was, in fact, homeless. I also didn't mention that I just got a haircut and shave for my niece's wedding. I'm much less scruffy looking than normal! I showed him my South Dakota license and pointed out my sister's house, which made him happy. He apologized for implying that I'm a scruffy-looking old guy and left.

My next stop was to visit a friend in Buzzard's Bay near Cape Cod. This time I walked to the train station and took a train to Boston. I couldn't quickly find a taxi and didn't particularly want to pay for one. I did see a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus. I hoped on, stowed my luggage on the bus, and rode the tour to see many of the tourist sites of Boston, including Old North Church, Quincy Market, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, etc. My bus fare included a "45-minute Boston Harbor" tour. That presented a different view of Boston, including some sites I'd never seen from that perspective. I finished by riding the tour bus again; this time I got off at South Station and took a bus to Bourne, Massachusetts, and then a taxi to my friend's house.

After visiting with him, he drove me to Hyannis where I boarded yet another bus to visit a friend in Harwich, Massachusetts, further out on Cape Cod. The bus dropped me at a "Park and Ride" lot. No taxis anywhere. No stores; no cell phone; and no pay phone. I started walking. My Harwich friend was driving to work and noticed a homeless guy on the side of the road dragging his luggage. Yup, that was me! My friend was working in Provincetown that day; so, I hitched an unexpected ride and spent the day in Provincetown, at the very tip of the Cape.

Later, my friend drove me to yet another bus station where I caught a bus to Providence, Rhode Island.

By now, I had finally purchased a new, cheap cell phone. I called my son and he picked me up at the bus station. His wife plans to drive me to the Providence train station tomorrow, where I'll take a bus to New York city, and from there to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal where I'll board the Caribbean Princess cruise ship.

I'll get to unpack and stop dragging my luggage everywhere! But, that's another story.

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