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Carpes at Sheridan Wal*Mart

Driving Montana 66

US 191 in Montana

Entering Wyoming on Interstate 90

Mon, 29 June: And just how HOT was it???

The great upper midwest heat wave of 2015 is upon us, and our refrigerator is not at all pleased. We had a restless nite as the overnite lows never dropped below the mid 70s so it was pretty warm. Sandi doesn't do heat very well so she was crankier than normal...

Upon awakening we discovered that the temperature inside our fridge was in the fifties after an evening with temperatures in excess of 100°F. Bob went into Wal*Mart and bought a cooler and two bags of ice. One bag of ice went into the cooler with the most temperature sensitive foods while the other went into the fridge to help it out.

Well, this is when RVers need to be flexible (not necessarily happy, but flexible) and come up with Plan B. Instead of continuing east along US 2 where the weather was forecast for more of the same (or worse), we elected to head south to cool off (a strange concept in the northern hemisphere!) Besides, there are no large towns along US 2 whereas Billings, Sheridan, Gillette, and Rapid City are all along Interstate 90. If needed, those larger towns should have an RV fridge expert./

Hence, we hung a right turn onto Montana 66 south toward Billings. This was a most fascinating drive as the road is straight as an arrow for miles and miles with some undulations to break the monotony. From MT 66 we picked up US 191, then US 87 into Billings and then I 90 east.

We arrived at the Sheridan Wyoming Wal*Mart a bit after four and settled in. The temps were also in the low hundreds, but the fridge was doing much better. We moved the food back into the fridge from the ice chest and by bedtime it was back in the safe zone. Leon, the fridge expert who installed our cooling unit seemed to think it was a temporary (idiopathic???) issue. Hmmmm?

Today's drive, 376 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7¾ mpg.

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