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Grilled meat, more grilled meat, and still more grilled meat. I'm getting sick and tired of eating grilled meat!

In several of the countries I've visited recently, they serve "Börek". This consists of a thin pastry dough, called "phyllo", that's stuffed with cheese and/or grilled minced meat. The minced meat is usually beef and it's shaped like what we might call breakfast sausage.

Another common food here is "Cevapi". This consists of grilled meat that's often stuffed inside a piece of bread that we might call Pita bread or Syrian bread. The meat might be beef or pork or chicken.

It seems like every restaurant serves one or both of these local dished. Most only offer one of these with nothing else on the menu. This cuisine dates back to at least the Ottoman Empire and quite possibly as far back as the Roman Empire.

They're both quite tasty, cheap and quick. But, to me they all taste about the same. Everything is grilled meat! And, I'm gaining weight.

Fortunately, there are a few Greek restaurants, since we're so close to Greece. Unfortunately, they many serve gyros. At least this meat is roasted not grilled. But, to me, it's still tastes about the same.

Another option is McDonald's which can be found almost everywhere. And, they're always quite busy. But, what do they sell? Grilled beef!

The only other option here is the Italian restaurants, since Italy is only a few miles away across the Adriatic. These will offer pizza or spaghetti. Or, they might just have pizza. And, you guessed it, pizza with minced meat is very common.

It must be tough or impossible to be a vegetarian or vegan here!

I did find a Mexican restaurant once. No Mexican would recognize anything they served. The menu said "enchilada" but, to me, it tasted like "börek".

I guess I'm just spoiled with all of the different restaurants available back home.

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