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View of Fortress from outside

View of Fortress at front gate

Lois with guard at front gate to Louisbourg Fortress

Neil with guard at front gate to Louisbourg Fortress

Inside view of Fortress

Civilians and soldiers having a brew at the local Pub at Louisbourg...

Lois with soldier at King's Bastion Ramparts

Just a few of the many cannons on the walls of the...

Soldiers quarters at Fortress

Chapel at soldiers quarters at Fortress

Flute and Drum Corps at Louisbourg Fortress

Prisoner being escorted through town and then placed in neck chains for...

View of village inside of Fortress

View of Louisbourg lighthouse with Fortress in background

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Clip of military performance at Louisbourg Fortress

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Clip of prisoner being marched through town at Louisbourg Fortress

(MP4 - 698 K)

Prisoner being sentenced at Louisbourg Fortress

Today we went to the Fortress of Louisbourg and spent most of the day there. Another very historical place. This was the French Fortress similar to the British held Citadel at Halifax. The primary difference is that this one is much bigger as it had a village inside the fortress and the Citadel did not. Today, the Fortress of Louisbourg is also a National Historical site and the largest reconstructed 18th century village in North America. The civilian village and the military personnel are reenacted by costumed interpreters to paint life as it happened in 1744. All the sights and sounds of the 18th century come to life here at this fortress, from the firing of the cannons, firing their muskets, parading in military formation, to eating as you would if you were a visitor in 1744. It was a very impressive day and well worth the trip. As we left the Fortress, we drove out to the Louisbourg lighthouse as it is where the the first lighthouse in Canada was built. The one that stands there today was built in 1923 as the original had burned. From here we returned to the campground to hook-up for the early morning departure on the ferry. We must leave the campground around 6:00am to make our scheduled departure for Newfoundland.

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