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This was some billboard along I-90

1880 Town sights from I-90

1880 Town sights from I-90

1880 Town sights from I-90


Gift shop 1880 Town

Great carving of an eagle

Old mining car

The entire train was restaurant seating

Entrance to 50's Train Diner

Lunch counter

Chowing down

Lots of parking

Our site at Rushmore Shadows

A serious t-storm coming in

The clouds held quarter size hail and looked like an ex-ray of...

Valentine, Nebraska is not one of your destination cities. We stayed at a place called Wacky West RV Park. Cute name but it 's appearance had nothing to do with the name. Needed a lot of TLC. I call it typical small town Passport America park. No matter what, you can't beat $16.00 with full hookup and no reservations.

We are headed for Rapid City, South Dakota today. We stopped along I-90 at a little place calling itself an 1880 old west town. It is an authentic 1880 to 1920 era town. The displays and buildings range from Indian relics from the 1870s, the General Custer period and the 14-sided barn built in 1919. We had lunch in the 1950s Train Diner. The diner was very authentic. The food was nothing to write home about and expensive. It was nevertheless a nice break.

We had been planning on stopping Piedmont, SD which is 10 miles west of Rapid City to stay at a Passport America park for a few days while we got our bearings. As we got closer to Rapid City, we kept seeing these signs for a place called Rushmore Shadows RV Resort. The billboards were boasting 3 nights for $29.99. The campground was closer to where we wanted to be so we decided to check it out.

Rushmore Shadows is a membership park. So, for the great rate, we needed to listen to a one hour pitch. The park is OK. We were not interested in buying. It was essentially a time-share type of arrangement. I was put off by their claim about being responsible for the building of Hart Ranch. There was some stretching the truth but not worth my time to find out exactly what. If we were going to buy into anything, it would be Hart Ranch.

For our purposes, Rushmore Shadows was the perfect place to be. Our phones worked and we had Wi-Fi.

Oh, yes, today was my birthday and J.C. forgot. Well, he didn't forget, he just didn't know what day it was today.

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