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Flag. We think it says "ha ha ha, how you get on...

Trying to block out the world after no sleep for 25 hours

They DO use bamboo for scafolding. It's not just in Jackie Chan...

A typical street in Hong Kong

Lay Ho from Hong Kong!!!!

Wow that flight was a lot of fun!!!

Realised about a minute in that Cathay Pacific probably caters from asians more than giant westeners as we had bugger all leg room!!

The food on the flight was delish though - even though due to the time difference we somehow missed out on dinner!!!

The first thing we noticed was the weather here. It is incredibly hot, a bit rainy and very humid.

We got to our hotel in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong at about 11am but couldn't check in to our room till 12ish so we went for a mini wander and just hung out in the Foyet.

It was at this point that I realised I had left my PSP on the plane so I had a lot of fun for the next 2 hours trying to get through to the Airline/airport/lost & Found etc.

No joy but hopefully the insurance'll cover it!


Aaaannnyyyyway the hotel is really nice. I mean REALLY nice!

We opted for a hotel as the hostels didn't appear too much cheaper and as we're gonna go to India in a weeks time we thought we'd get a bit of TLC-idge before we go and semi-slum it!

Pretty much just crashed out for most of today.

Luckily we have 'Champs Bar' at the bottom of the building which is like an American sports bar so we managed to roll out of bed for a couple of beers and a burger before bedtime (Ok Em had a toastie!).

Aparently they are showing Premiership games live at 10pm on Saturday so I may well pull up a seat for that. We are flying at 9am the next morning though so hmmm.....

Long Day. Need sleep. Nice bed. Laters.


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