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On our way down to Valdez

The fog layed heavy in some parts

We saw a couple of eagles hunting on our way down.

Started seeing glaciers

Lake infront of Worthington Glacier.

This rock had roots that were embedded in it from a long...

Worthington Glacier



Bridal Falls

Horse Tail Falls

Bear Paw Camper Park

Huge tree size, this is one complete carve



Fishing Harbor

1907 Ahrens Steam Fire Engine

1886 Glenson & Baily Handpump Fire Engine

Salmon in the creeks swimming up to spawn.


Looking across the bay toward Valdez

Alaskan Pipeline Terminal

Black bear fishing for kunch

Fishing down in the river

Native Alaskans are permittted to used fish wheels. These whells are turned...

Mt Wrangrell, a volcano, off in the distance.

Horse Tail and Bridal Falls

Set out for Valdez bright and eary this morning. We left the RV and just drove down with the car. The weather was overcast and looking like rain but we didn't care we were going anyway. The ride took about 3 hours to get there. Closer to Valdez we got the more rain we got. It was a neat lttle town. In the museum we learned that they were hit hard with the earthquake of 64, so much that they had to relocate the whole town to a more secure area. It seems the town was built on the silt that was left from the glaciers and it was very unstable. The town just started falling into the bay. It caused the docks to sink and the big fishing boats got tossed around like toys. Now they have new docks and a fishing harbor with th Alaska pipeline coming down across the bay.

The Salmon were in and it was something to see them fight their way up the creeks to spawn. Saw a bear come down to fish while we were over to see the Pipe Line Terminal.

On the way back up we saw several places where fishing for Salmon with fish wheels. Fish Wheels can used by native Alaskans only. We talked to one fellow who said the fishing was going well, he caught 78 so far.

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