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MGM Parade

Indiana Jones Stunt show

More Stunt Show

Always flaming

Indiana always escapes the flames

Star Wars

Darth Vader

Vader and Stormtrooper

Old droid

Stunt and Thrill Show

Car chase

Cars flying out of the building


Stunt man dives from a building

Stunt man on fire

Motorcycle chase scene

Motorcycle in the air

Believe it or not Dick is not driving this car

Another burst of flames

Power Ranger Car

NY street scene look almost real


Witch puts a spell on the Prince

Prince is turned into the Beast

Enchanted Castle

High kicking

Fancy costumes

Beauty befriends the Beast

Prince is restored

Belle and the Prince

Giant Wizard Hat

Grauman's Chinese

Mikey and Minnie sign autographs

Hollywood Tower, we did not go on this ride

Waves hit the volunteer on the ship

This is how the scene really looks

Another water stunt

Water tower with ears

The ball used in Pirates of the Caribbean

Costume department would be a fun place to work

Dick checking out Star Wars props

Storm Trooper Costume

Costume from Planet of the Apes

Props from Chronicles of Narnia

Pirate costume

Stage for the evening performance

Mikey opens the show

Amazing light animals

Projecting on water mist . . . amazing


The Little Mermaid

Snow White and the Prince

Fire breathing Dragon

Mikey doing magic

MGM Studios offered a lot of behind the scenes stuff which was really neat. We got to see how the stunts are performed, some of the safety precautions taken and how the movies are put together.

Star Wars offered a virtual ride that made you feel like you were flying with Luke right into the valleys on the Death Star. Come on, you know you remember.

The streets all remind you of movie sets and you can see how they build in perspective and things can look a lot bigger then they are.

The car chase, motorcycle, truck, stunt man, etc. thrill show was amazing. In the chase scene the one car was going forward and the next minute speeding backwards. They showed us how they built an exact replica of the car except inside the driver was actually facing backward and it had 4 forward gears and 4 backward gears so when we saw it going backwards, it really wasn't. Sounds confusing but it was really cool.

On the lighter side we saw a live stage performance of Beauty and the Beast. The costumes where amazing and the actors very talented.

The behind the scenes show was interesting with lots of movie history and more stunts.

The evening performance included all kinds of entertainment from lights to floating eluminated barges with many of the Disney characters, lasers, fireworks, and more. During the last 15 minutes of the show it started to drizzle so we stayed but got soaked all the way through on the way to the parking lot. It was worth it and we dried out and slept soundly.

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