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Rajastani Dancers

Old Man

On the road between Bikaner and Jalismer, is a hidden gem. Gajner is an incomparable Jewel in the Thar. Maharaja Ganga Singhji of Bikaner built his palace on the embankment of a lake with a generous dose of flora and fauna. Basically a hunting and relaxing lodge, the maharaja and the family shared their passion with their exclusive guests and hosted exotic holidays for them.

This place was amazing. You couldn't do anything for yourself - there was always a clerk or houseboy who would insist on taking care of you. I needed to bring the place down a notch or two, so Jodie (my tour room-mate) and I did our laundry, and hung a line outside of our beautiful cottage! It was quite the sight. The houseboys didn't know what to think, but they didn't do anything - they just stared (probably in disbelief)

At dinner, the tour decided we needed regal names. As we sat around the Round Table, we appointed ourselves as Princess this or Emperor that.

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