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The Arch

Artistic Arch

We're going way up there?

Not our most flattering side

A little better side, us at the top

The Mighty Muddy Miss

St Louis

Our Casino Riverboat

Our Rv Park

Union Station

The Arch.

We all left Louisville early in the morning for our long drive across 3 states. Sounds like a long ways, doesn't it? We skirted through the bottom of Indiana and Illinois. We had to get those states on our maps.

We were headed for St Louis. To appease the gambler in our group, Juliann, we elected to stay in East St Louis, Illinois right on the Mighty Mississippi River at a casino RV park. Needless to say, it was not one of our favorite parks. The view of the Arch and the skyline of the city were incredible, but the park was full and we were out in the parking lot right on top of the next guy with no grass for Dusty. Juliann liked it because they had a shuttle that would come and take her to the casino every night. We are not sure that Tony like it as much.

The first full day there we decided to head over the river and take a ride up in the Arch. All six of us took off for the Metro. The stop was right outside of the RV Park and the Arch stop was the very next one on the line over the river. We all got up on the platform and then we lost Tony! We have discovered on this trip that he doesn't like heights and this Metro platform was about 2 stories up in the air overlooking the river. He turned all shades of white and Juliann escorted him back down and he went back to the rig. The 5 of us now boarded the Metro and took a short ride and then a short walk over to the Arch.

What an impressive structure it is. I was not aware that it is made stainless steel. I am sure it was an engineering feat. We got our tickets and after several wrong turns made our way to the trolley. Now, none of us were sure what kind of a trolley it was, but we were not prepared for a small egg that held 5 people! We all crawled in and the doors closed and it took off. Now the little voice comes on and tells us that the ride will take 4 minutes to reach the top! I was sure that Juliann and I (Diane) were going to rip the doors open and leap out! Juliann is somewhat claustrophobic and I hate rides that swing and sway, and that is what this did.

We made it to the top and crawled out of our egg. It was worth the trip. The views from the top were spectacular! You could see for miles and miles. We even felt the Arch sway in the wind! We stayed up there for 20 minutes or so and took all kinds of pictures before we could gather our courage to crawl back into the eggs for the trip down. This time we split up between two different cars and made it down faster than we rode up.

We then decided to travel the Metro downtown and see Union Station. We had lunch there and did a little shopping at this converted railroad station. Then we hopped the Metro back to the RV Park for the evening.

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