20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Virgin into New York

Room view into Times Square

Qi, Thai restaurant in NY

Magnolia Bakery sanctuary

The Rain

Back again so soon, this time came with Virgin Aylantic for a change, very good service but their Upper Class seat is far better for overnight sleeping flights rather than daytime lounging flights. Staying on the 27th flour of the Crown Plaza with a corner room and views down into Times Square on one side and across the river on the other.

We got caught out in a monumental storm when almost back to the hotel, took sanctuary in the Magnolia Bakery for a long time but eventually gave in and legged it back to the hotel. It was 1 block away and we were completely drowned when we got back, trainers took a week to dry properly.

The storms caused big problems with flight schedules, so although we checked in for our flight to Bangor in Maine and reached the boarding gate, the flight was so delayed that we couldn't guarantee being able to make the return flight and decided to cut our losses and go back to NY.

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