Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Approaching the dunes

Dunes with vegetation

It was a beautiful day

Road turned to sand

Looks like snow

Art shot

On top of a dune

Shirley and the boys



Yucca plant

Just WOW

Sunset over the dunes

Bye bye sun

Red sky at night..sailors delight

First, Happy Valentines day to all you lovers. Our main event was a trip to the White Sands National Monument about 15 miles from here. While this has nothing to do with the White Sands Missile Base it IS inside it's boundaries. After touring the remodeled visitors center and watching a great introductory film we headed out to the white sands. Boy, were there ever white sands. These dunes are made of gypsum and look like snow. Folks even use plastic discs to sleigh down them! These scenes were magnificent but I kept looking for the ocean. Sand and sand dunes typically means there is water near by, but not here. Once this entire area of the country was covered by water but now this sand comes from the mountains and wind erosion of gypsum. We had a very nice lunch at a local restaurant in a converted large old home. Then to the Alamogordo Museum a small affair but with interesting items. Then Shirley went back to White Sands for a park ranger guided sunset walk while I stayed back at camp and did domestic things. We finished up our evening watching several episodes of Seinfeld on DVD. Another great day! Enjoy the pics.

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