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Bonnie & Brad, the Ramblin' Rangers, they are good!

They were grilling hamburgers & hotdogs with all the trimmings, there was...

I like this home, a block or two off the main street...

Many of the neighborhood homes have visitor's each evening...

Probably a nuisance for them but we like to watch them...

Celebrating a birthday at Rock's tonight...

He & Larry were enjoying a simultaneous back rub!

Thursday Larry & I went to a block party held downtown. It was from 4-6pm. Dick & Lou made a trip into Rapid City and didn't return in time to go with us so we went alone this time. One of our favorite duo's were performing, Brad & Bonnie, better known as the Ramblin' Rangers. Bonnie plays guitar, banjo, and dulcimer and sings harmony, and Brad plays six and twelve-string guitar and sings lead vocals. Both members have spent many years performing various types of music, such as rock, folk, country, traditional, and even orchestral, throughout the western states where they have lived. I've included a link where you can listen to 4 of their songs for free. They don't currently have a CD for sale, but when they do Larry & I plan to buy one. If you are interested, let us know and we'll pass the ordering info along. They harmonize so beautifully and we really enjoy their music and think you will too!

Ramblin' Rangers

Friday Larry & I hung out all day. I finished a book I've been reading and was sorry it was over. I really got into this one. Guess we need to find a yard sale or two and pick up a few more! Lou & I visited the Renuzit Store today but didn't find much. So I'll keep looking. Wish you were here Barb! You always have good books, LOL.

At 6:30 we headed over to Rock's Friday night BBQ. The food is always terrific, it's amazing how many great dishes are brought to the potluck. We missed one week and Rock chewed us out when we ran into him at the block party. We met an interesting couple who had just returned from Alaska. In fact they probably ran into our son Jim during their visit. They're going back again next year and plan to look him up. They were telling us about a 427 lb halibut caught earlier in the season. Wow, that's one big fish! Would love to go to Alaska ourselves. We've been talking about making that trip. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to do that while we're still on the road.

Tomorrow, Larry, Dick & Terry are going fly fishing in some small streams as they take a hike around Center Lake. This will be a first for all 3 of them so I hope they have good luck. Not the fly fishing part, the small stream/hiking part. They're excited about trying anyway. I wish them all good luck!

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