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Fastest man

His sled

Actual space capsule which carried folks like John Glenn

Not much room

Research or "sounder" rocket

IMAX crossing a crevace 500 ft deep

Can't imagine

Amost there

Made it!

Memorial gardens honoring those who lost their lives in the 3 fatal...

Ride Sally ride

Just because we like her name

World's largest pistachio

We left for Church just after 8 this morning and it was snow flurrying and 33 degrees. We are a little north in Alamogordo New Mexico but the forecast is looking pretty good after today. We decided to do indoors stuff and spent a good deal of time at the New Mexico Museum of Space History. 4 floors and outdoor displays of very interesting stuff. White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force base have played a very important role in Space, rockets and such. White Sands was the alternate landing sight for all Challenger missions and a couple landed there. Remember seeing the shuttle loaded on top of a plane for transport? It was either coming or going from here and all astronauts were trained to land the shuttle at White Sands. The first test of a nuclear bomb was in this desert missile range. They are still testing at this sight. The museum told us all about this and more and was much better than I expected. Space seems way out there to me. Part of our admission included an IMAX movie presentation of a team of international climbers going up Mt. Everest. The footage was amazing and pretty scary. While they were filming, another team tried to get to the summit and got caught in a storm. A number of them died and was the most tragic incident in the mountain's history. It made their ascent even more dramatic. We had lunch at Applebees and then finished our day at PistachioLand U.S.A and the home of the world's largest pistachio. I like pistachio nuts but I didn't realize you can get them in different flavors. It is simply a part of the ingredients that go into roasting them. Enjoy the pics.

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