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Isle of Wight

7 Coronas view

Street view

Back again.

This time here to see the other major citrus company based in Murcia. Back on my old friends Ryanair (LyingAir), they are the control freaks of aviation making you queue for a minimum of 3 separate times just to board their flying market-stalls. Flight was packed so for once having made Britvic pay for priority boarding was worth it - until my bag was taken from the overhead locker by the market trader, sorry, flight attendant, and asked whose it was. When I said it was mine she insisted that I put it under the seat in front completely removing all foot space. The only reason that she picked my bag was that it was the right size to fit under as opposed to the late comers with over-sized bags and no where to store them. I thought Ryan saw this as an opportunity to charge £50, I bet if I'd turned up with a large bag I would have been stung.

Stayed in the supposedly better hotel this time, the 7 Coronas - it smelled like stewed cabbage. Had a quick walk into town on arrival to get some shopping at El Corte Anglais, then out with the agents for a pizza.

Uneventful Ryanair flight back until I got to passport control and was absolutely amazed to find no queue, none at all, a whole row of Border Agency staff to chose from.

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