Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Just another beautiful Arizona day


Our view from the camper

Scene from the park road

Kartchner Caverns


Fried egg in K C






The great Charlie and Shari

When last we left the big honkin' dually had a flat passenger side inside tire. Oh Joy! Decided to put that off and went with Charlie and Shari on a tour of Kartchner Cavern's Big Room. We REALLY went with Charlie and Shari.....they were the tour guides for us and about 18 others. Excellent tour and views. We have all heard of Carlsbad Caverns, Lurray Caverns, maybe even Howe Caverns but most have not heard of Kartchner Caverns. This is a state park in Benson AZ that was not discovered until the 1970's. The first explorers were college kids who took 4 years to tell the property owners what they found. Then another 11 years until the "secret" started to come out. Some swift work with the Arizona Government and voila, the Kartchners sold the land to the state of Arizona and they took a number of years to make the caverns accessible to people, build a visitor's center, campground etc. The caverns opened in 1999. After the tour I tackled the flat. Our truck has an air compressor and it is fairly easy to add air to the four tires on the outside. The two inside rear tires are a bugger. After fits and starts I was FINALLY able to pump the tire up to the same pressure as the others. Now the waiting game. I think I caused the flat by turning the air valve to a position I could reach and not turning it back again while we were at TMM a few days ago. Time will tell, either it has air or not in the morning (I am writing this at 8:30 pm Thursday). If it is flat or loosing air we will stay another day as I search for a replacement. We have 3 brand new tires for the big honkin' in the basement of our Decatur GA house. But that's a bit far away. The tires cost about $260 apiece before tax. We're rooting for it to hold air. Wrapped our day up with home made pizza from Charlie and Shari, salad from Shirley and desert by C and S. Enjoy the pics.

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