Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog

We really enjoyed the last few weeks at home. We were there long enough to catch up with many old friends, some of whom wander around the world as much as we do; our paths sometimes do not intersect for months. But the holidays bring us all home and we had the opportunity to see everyone on our list. We also saw lots of theatre including the one show we did not mean to see. We purchased Movie Pass; for $8/month we can see any movie we want anytime we want in 1,600 movie theaters across the US. The end of the year is the time when many of the films we want to see come out, as they compete for Academy Award competition. We've seen quite a few at home and look forward to seeing all the contenders here and in Tucson as we wander further south the next few months.

The weather was great when we first got home. I have never before put up the outdoor Christmas lights wearing flip-flops and shirt sleeves. We did not have any snow until Christmas Eve when a few inches of the white stuff put us in the holiday mood. But the last few days an attack of brutal cold had us wondering if we would be able to get those outdoor lights back in the house. We brought them in Christmas Day, a sad activity on this day of celebration, but the worst of the cold was due yesterday. It was -9º when we got up this morning and 65º when we landed here in Ls Vegas, a 70º improvement. It felt SO good to step out of the airport and breathe in that warm air.

Our flight here was full, but everyone was in a good mood and the lines were negligible. The motor home was here waiting for us as we left it with a fridge full of food and drink. Our precautions seem to have kept the mice at bay, but perhaps they are not all that hungry in such a temperate climate. We hardly recognized our black Jeep. It hasn't rained here for 104 days, a record, and the car was covered with a thick layer of gray dust.

It was great to be at home; it is great to be in our home away from home. Life is good!

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