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Today was a little overcast in Barbados.

We slept late, before rising to shower and finish packing our large luggage bags. We went down to breakfast at 9:00. Neither of us was very hungry, so we picked at the breakfast buffet in Bayside Restaurant. We returned to the room until our 11:00 checkout. At 10:45 I placed the luggage outside the room and Jean went over to Sandals Lounge to turn in the room keys and checkout.

Our bus to the airport was not until 1:00 for our 3:50 flight on American Airlines. So I sat down in the open air Calypso Lounge and typed. Jean went to the Sandals Lounge to sit in A/C. At 12:00, I went over to the lounge to see if Jean wanted to get a sandwich at the pub. She declined, so I stayed in the lounge with her.

At 12:45, we walked over to the bellhop desk to confirm our luggage was there. At 1:00 a taxi van took us and 4 others to the airport. We quickly checked our bags and got our boarding passes. Timing is everything. I looked back and the queue behind us had filled up.

We quickly went through passport control and security. We had plenty of time to read & do puzzles while we waited for our flight. We walked out to the gate and crossed the tarmac to board the plane. We both had window seats (I had changed seats last night went I checked us in). Jean was in the row ahead of me. Real glad I had the extra room.

The plane was a full flight. It left a little late, which was ok. I was already on the entertainment system watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Luckily, I had saved the earbuds from the previous flight because they announced that there were no headphones to be had. Now, this was American Airlines on an international 4 1/2 hour flight filled to capacity and there are no headphones for the passengers? Not good.

The only food was cookies and a beverage of your choice. I watched episodes 2, 3 & 4 of 11-22-1963. A very interesting series based on Stephen King's book. It is shown on Hulu. We landed about 7:55, and after a wonderful tour of the Miami Airport exterior, we finally pulled into a gate at 8:18. After disembarking, we had a lovely 15 minute walk to Passport Control. If I had known it was such a long walk, I would of taken the Skytrain.

We hit a Global Entry kiosk, got our form and bypassed the long lines and hit the baggage claim area to find that after all the time since disembarking, the baggage claim conveyor was empty and not revolving. It was another 15 minutes before baggage began to appear.

We were finally leaving the airport about 9:10. We hailed the shuttle for Best Western Premirer, and 10 minutes later, we were at the hotel. We got checked in, went to the room to drop our bags, and then quickly returned to the lobby to hit the restaurant (it was closing at 10:00). Jean ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, and I had a club sandwich. I don't like to eat that late, but we only had breakfast today.

We returned to the room and watched a little TV, before hitting the sack. Another travel day tomorrow and we will be home!

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