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Tire Doctor

Overcast day


We had a nice restful nights sleep at Tok, Alaska. Watching Shrek or Cars for the umpteenth time has me asleep in 5 minutes usually! The first order of the day was to try to find a tire for the one that was shredded yesterday. The first tire store didn't even have the size tire I needed but the second tire shop did have one, yay. They had everything done in an hour or so.

We decided to proceed on towards Wasilla, AK, there is a CVS pharmacy there and that is where we do our business in Greenville which we hope will make things easy for all involved. It was an overcast sometimes rainy day today, one of the few we've had like that.

Oh, by the way FYI, the sun set at 11:50 pm last night and rose at 3:18 am! Those long days are why they can grow those huge vegetables. We hadn't been on the road very long when Karen spotted a huge moose grazing in a lake beside the road, I was going downhill and couldn't get stopped to get a photo. That's OK, we'll surely see some more..... nope. The road to Gakona was mostly good with a lot of those 20 to 30 MPH whoop-de-doooooz,

Were having a great time and seeing some wonderful scenery. We're at a pullout out in the boonies and after I went out for a walkabout, I spotted bear poop next to the motorhome, this could be exciting!

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