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Alaska Zoo - Polar Bear

Alaska Zoo - Here kitty kitty!

Old Grizz - big stretch!!

Our rental car - nice ride!!

Downtown Anchorage

The Alaska Railroad

Well, we're making the most of a bad situation (still no word on the truck), Anchorage is a beautiful place, surrounded by water and mountains, and lots to do; So much to do that it was hard to decide, but we decided to go to the Zoo. It's a warm sunny day, so nice to spend it outside. We took the Zoo "tour" option as it allowed us to go to some parts of the zoo that are not available to the public, as well as having a nice gal to lead us around and tell us how the zoo came to have some of the animals. I will post a few pics but not too many as EVERYONE has been to the zoo, right?

The funniest thing happened, we ran into Henry & Veronica at the zoo!! We visited with them for awhile, and they informed us that they would be coming down to Russion River campground for the weekend to help us with our RV Trlr (with our truck being in the shop, there are things that need to be done that are difficult w/o a tow vehicle). That was very good news to us as Henry is very mechanical, and he and Ken "trouble-shoot" very well together, and again, they are just so darn much fun to be with!! We finished up the day with another walk downtown, it was a very nice day!

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