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We slept longer than intended this morning, either the alarm did not go off as planned or wee both slept through it. However, by the time we packed up and left we were only 10 minutes later in leaving than we had planned. We drove down the road we had covered on Saturday as far as Trinidad then the additional 20 or so miles to Eureka. As we left Crescent City we drove into fog as we rose up aver the capes that border the ocean, eventually we rose through it into sunshine, but as we descended, the fog became more dense and the road less defined. Fortunately, that did not last long and we came into sunshine once again. The road from Trinidad to Eureka did not offer much in the way of scenery and I doubt if we will go back over it as we had thought we might.

We had been given directions to the campground as they contended that our GPS would never get us there. They may have been right, but it really was quite straight forward. Having reserved, there was a campsite waiting for us and we soon set up, though all the utilities were at the back of the site, necessitating an extension to our sewer hose which took a little time as we have never had do this with the new equipment we purchased last year.

We set off for Eureka and found a restaurant where we had a substantial, and very good, lunch. It was just round the corner from Costco where we had hoped to get most of our groceries. We did get some, but not everything we had hoped for. We followed our GPS to Safeway, though I am convinced there was a shorter way. There we got all but one item on our list and headed back to the campground where Christine repackaged the meat into portions more readily accessible for our dinners. I studied the papers for the conference which had arrived by email.

We had a late snack and lingered over coffee. There is no cable here, so the news is very local - even more so than we have had at the previous campgrounds, and the reception poor. Christine read and I am getting the journal up to date before retiring for the night.

Tomorrow we may spend a while doing some housekeeping round the trailer - the windows badly need a wash, and Christine will probably vacuum, etc. We may venture out later, but a down day will not be amiss either.

Sorry there are no photos today. Christine intended capturing the roses which are in abundance round the campground, but darkness beat her to it. No doubt that will be on her agenda for tomorrow as well.

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