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Mat class in lobsterman's garage

Kathleen starting her mat

Mat making in progress

Nearly completed mat

Mat drying on lobster traps

Finished mat

Steve's mat making in process

Mat ready to dry

View of Goose Cove

View of lobster boats in Goose Cove

Lobsterman's lobster boat

First "Island Garden" house we visited. Muffy lives here.

View from garden

First of many of Muffy's flowers










Bee on flower





Lilly pads

Close-up of lilly pad


Lupine with butterfly

View from Muffy's lawn of cruise ship and schooner in Bar Harbor

July 16 through 20 – Mat Making, Bar Harbor Gardens, Muffy’s Flowers and Antibiotics

Saturday – We drove early to the southwestern part of the island to the site of our mat making class. The wife of a lobsterman invited several ladies and me to make mats in her garage. The owner of Sewing by the Sea, a fabric shop near where we are camping, was the instructor.

To make the mats we applied the Elmers Glue-like liquid to a large canvas fabric and to our 5x5” cloth squares, placed the squares on the canvas and then applied a top coat on top of them – a messy procedure.

My squares had spaces between them and there were air bubbles under them unlike Kathleen’s that were perfectly positioned and bubbleless. See photos.

After I finished my mat, I took several photos of the flowers on the property with some lobster catching equipment.

For our evening entertainment, we took the bus to town to see Bridesmaids, a very funny movie about some whacko women preparing for their friend’s wedding.

Sunday was a beautiful day that we spent visiting 7 estates in Bar Harbor that were included in the Bar Harbor Garden Club “Island Garden” tour. The first garden site was the best for me with its dozens of varieties of flowers in the immense lawn that extended for a hundred yards from the house to the ocean. We met the owner, Muffy, as we entered her property. She was a bit frazzled from all of the preparations for the tour.

Monday was not so good as I spent it in bed with a sore throat and fever. On Tuesday, after a visit to the local medical office for antibiotics, etc, life got better. To cleanse my nasal area, the nurse practitioner gave me a Neti Pot. In use, it reminded me of what it would feel like to drown in a warm, salty ocean. :)

Wednesday, was spent in R&R and painting lupine flowers. Because lupines are not native to the region, a task of some of the Friends is to cut and destroy the plants after they have bloomed so that they do not return next year.

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