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Carpe Diem (the motorhome) at Beantown Campground

Oshkosh Airshow traffic
Well, there's an hour down the tubes...

Bailey's Harbor is a lovely town in Door County
On the Lake Michigan...

Door County is famous for its Cherry Orchards

A closeup of cherrys "on the hoof"

Sturgeon Bay to Lake Michigan Ship Canal
We transited the canal in '97

Sturgeon Ship Canal breakwater light

Sturgeon Ship Canal entrance

Carpe Diem (the boat)
We travelled this area in '97 and recall it...

Dinkum in queue for Washington Island ferry

Dinkum tucked in corner of Washington Island ferry

Bob enjoying his sea voyage on the Washington Island ferry

Jackson Harbor, Washington Island
In 1997 we stopped here in Carpe Diem (the...

On ferry returning to Door Peninsula

Lighthouse on Plum Island
Located between Washington Island and Door Peninsula

Fri, 29 Jul: A not-the-easiest drive of 213 miles took us from Lake Delton to Bailey's Harbor on Wisconsin's Door Peninsula. Our journey included I 90 to WI 33, 68, and 49 toward Fond du Lac, then US 131, WI 126, and US 41 to Oshkosh and Green Bay. Finally, I 43 and WI 57 to Sturgeon Bay and up the Door Peninsula and Bailey's Harbor. The "not-the-easiest" part was because we totally forgot about the famous Oshkosh Air Show and its traffic that took us an hour to travel four miles. Other than that, a piece o' cake.

We arrived at the Beantown Campgrounds (really, that's its name) shortly before three and tried to get set up in the first assigned space. It was so uneven that we'd have to have all four rear wheels off the ground to level the coach. We refused that spot and got reassigned to a more spacious, level, grassy site. Only drawback, we have 30 ampere power instead of 50 ampere. No big worry, we can live with that...

Once settled in we relaxed a bit and enjoyed the remainder of a storybook beautiful day. We sat outside after dinner until the biting critters drove us back inside.

Sat, 30 Jul: A beautiful dawn and the promise of a lovely day. Following breakfast we went sightseeing in the car. We drove north on WI 57 to Sister Bay and continued north on WI 42 to the northernmost point on Door Peninsula. There one can take the ferry to Washington Island, which we may do during the week. Washington Island is where we fueled our 28' Sea Ray cruiser, also named Carpe Diem, during our Lake Michigan boating trip in 1997. Hard to believe that was fourteen years ago.

We turned around and headed south on WI 42 back through Sister Bay, and then got to "enjoy" the weekend summer tourist traffic in Ellison, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek and finally Sturgeon Bay. We lunched at Sturgeon Bay and then drove to the end of the Sturgeon Bay-Lake Michigan Ship Canal. We transited the Canal in '97 and recall it fondly. Finally back north on WI 57 to Bailey's Harbor and home.

About 1645 a severe thunderstorm threatened, first with strong and gusty winds and very, very dark skies. It turned out to be much ado about nothing and the storm blew past with just some "spits" of rain. We went for the early bird special at Florian II, a local restaurant that was excellent. Sandi had the broiled whitefish and Bob the steak. Both were small portions prepared to a "T".

Tue, 02 Aug: Sunday was a "down day" with a threat of thunderstorms. We stayed home and caught up on personal business. The storms never materialized, but the respite was more than welcome.

Yesterday, Monday, dawned sunny and bright. We took off shortly after nine and drove the car to the north end of the peninsula and queued up for the Washington Island ferry. We waited about 45 minutes and got on the second ferry. The ride to Washington Island took about a half hour and took us close to Plum Island into Detroit Harbor.

Washington Island is a tourist destination, no doubt of that. We drove around the entire island, stopping for pictures at Jackson Harbor and Washington Inlet. We enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant that served absolutely delicious whitefish. We caught the ferry back in early afternoon. Once back on the peninsula we took some of the less traveled roads to visit scenic inlets and bays.

Right now it is grey and drizzly with the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon. We have no plans for sightseeing today, but if the weather clears we may change our minds. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll relocate to Harbour Village Resort outside Sturgeon Bay (about 20 miles from here). That'll better position us to visit points south.

More anon...

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