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Gabby, Ava, Amanda, and Nuggie.

This tubing park is down the river from where we stayed.

Cousin Eddie's RV from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

No photos of our trip down the Apple River yesterday, I need to get an underwater digital camera, a cheap one in case I lose it, for our trip back here next year. I should be healed up by then. After renting our innertubes and donning life jackets, we all got in the river, and almost immediately we were sweeping downstream. Much of the river is about 3 feet deep, but there are spots (as I discovered once when I got out of my tube) that are closer to 6 feet. And, when we hit the rapids it was pretty exciting, with my rear-end being dragged over fortunately smooth rocks by the raging current. Somewhere along the line, I got dumped, going completely underwater, and I had to make a quick decision to save my hat and glasses or my old beatup bedroom slippers. I'll be stopping on the way home to buy a new pair of slippers.

The kids had a blast, and it was fun for an old pair of grandparents as well, and everyone slept like logs last night.

This morning, Sarah's dog Lily got out the door of the motorhome between my legs and ran over to a neighboring camp, before I was able to coax her back. A little while later, the dominant male of that campsite came over with an unfriendly look on his face to inform me that our dog had taken a dump near their camper, and he needed it cleaned up. No attempt to be cordial at all, it was obvious that he was upset, and Lily's barking at him at that moment didn't help the situation. I apologized and headed over to take care of it, making a mental note that even unpleasant people go on vacation.

Returning to my picnic table office, to check my email and update this blog, a bird flew low and crapped on my keyboard. Since things happen in threes, I can't wait to find out what is next. Rodney Dangerfield told about a morning when he got up in the morning and the doorknob to his bedroom came off in his hand. As he left for work, he picked up his briefcase and the handle came off. "I tell ya", Rodney said, "I was afraid to go to the bathroom!"

Checkout time is at hand, and Hazel is rounding everyone up for the trip back to Minnesota. We'll be back next year, with a waterproof camera and rubber shoes.

UPDATE: We packed up and headed for the exit, where I told the young man we were leaving, and could I have my $20 refund for the "recycling deposit". "Do you have your green receipt?" he said. "No," I replied, "I had it in my pocket in a plastic bag when we went tubing and the plastic bag leaked, destroying the receipt." "Oh, he said, "We're not allowed to give refunds without the receipt." "Just a moment", I replied, put the transmission in Park and headed to the gargage in the back. In a minute or two, I found the plastic bag, full of water and lime green paper. "Here it is." and handed it over. There was some chuckling, and a $20 bill headed in my direction.

Late that night, as I turned down the road from Princeton for the final 3 miles to our home, I felt a sudden vibration coming from the right front tire. "Oh no", I thought, "not a flat tire, they're new this year!" It was my 4th and last cheapie aluminum wheel cover coming off. Now my motorhome really did look like "Cousin Eddy's" from National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation". The next morning, I ordered a new set of good stainless steel wheel covers.

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