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This field is flooded in the winter for an ice skating rink

Flowers along one of our hiking paths

J.C. on the march down a groomed hiking path

Really nice hiking paths at this lake

Our fist Geo-Caching find!

All the little treasures in it

Fireworks are banned at Maskentine Lake which kept everything very quiet. Stanton had a July 4th program at their community park which we did not find out about until the 5th when we went into to town to do laundry. Instead, we watched parades and fireworks on TV.

We have been playing with our new iPhones, discovering it's capabilities. One in particular is the GPS. We have GPS in all of our vehicles and love it. The first generation iPhone had a sort of GPS where it uses cell phone towers to triangulate your position. It really worked pretty good, but still is not GPS.

J.C. did some searching and found a Geo-Caching application. Then discovered a Geo-Caching opportunity right here at this lake. So after we packed up this morning we went on our first Geo-Caching hunt. We successfully found the little treasure! The best discovery was how accurate the iPhone GPS is using the longitude and latitude. Some of these hidden treasures are not for the faint of heart to find. They are really hidden. Our only mishap was stepping in a nest of mosquitos. These bugs really like me and we got bit up pretty good. Funny, one of the items in the geo-cache was an OFF wipe. We took it and left a band-aide in it's place. Really fun!

This has been a lovely stay but it is time to move on. We are doing an overnight in Valentine, NB tonight. Then on to Rapid City, SD tomorrow.

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