Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

Lot of rain in this region.

Are we gonna make it another two months?

Soren is resting at the top

Soren and Rikke, overlooking Mbeya town

Man, I'm hungry, but I'm a vegan now so I can't eat...

Rain forest

That's a cool shot. Can you see my head?

Finally, I can eat.

Damn man. Had I known they get this big I wouldn't have...

Oh Man. Mbeya is way cooler in climate than Dar. I think Soren is really happy about that. We've had a couple of great trek's so far. We're pretty sore now. The Trek we did yesterday, Mt Ngozi, was like walking directly through a rain forest. Vegetation was crazy. And all the spiders - Rikke handled that pretty well.

Off to Malawi in three days. Can't wait.

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