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View from our room in Airport Backpackers. Look in the distance over...

Yes that's the tail of a plane!

Or maybe that one's clearer!!! It only took us 5 minutes to...

Our South African Hostel bibles!

We woke up the smorning to discover exactly how close we were to the airport (see photos!).

Luckily we didn't hear any planes while we were sleeping though but that's probably because we were so badgered from all of those early mornings!!

We chatted to a nice American couple over breakfast who gave us some ideas about where to go on the rest of our trip, all of which we have forgotten, but the thought was nice!!

Our flight is at 12.45pm which lands in Hong Kong at 7.45am tomorrow.

The flight is only 13 hours long though - work that one out!

Will report back on the flight!

Goodbye from South Africa!!!


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