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One of the few Red's caught

Copper Center Roadhouse Estb. 1890's

Historic Church

One of the locals hanging out

Tue, 7-22

Came down with something last night, strip throat, I guess, my throat is so sore I can’t swallow. It’s so bad it has me flat on my back in bed. Haven’t been up for 3 days. Finally went to the clinic on Thursday for some medications. Didn’t seem to help much still not able to swallow or eat anything. Went back on Sat. and they finally gave me a shot. That helped get me on the way to recovery. Bad thing about being sick these last few days, the fish are here and I’m unable to get to the river. I’ve missed 7 days of fishing when their running.

Got back to fishing on Tue the 29th the run is over but there are still a few to be caught but you have to really work at it.

Some sites around Copper Center, plus one of the locals

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