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We had a little adventure getting to Rockport. Since the weather had been really cold in Livingston and Conroe, we had to use our furnance and used almost all of our propane. The gauge is reading empty but since the stove still works we know we have some propane in the tank. Unfortunately, motorcoaches do not have removeable tanks so we must take the coach to the filling area. We knew there was a Flying J just a few miles down the highway so we waited to fill-up until we were on the road again. When we got to the flying J, they told us they couldn't dispense propane because "the key was locked in the managers office and he was off today!" We decided to head to another flying J. The next one would take us about 10 miles further west than needed but we thought the discount was worth the extra miles. Just to be sure, I called the flying J. We were already on I-10 heading west. This Flying J they told me they couldn't dispense propane because the pump was broken. I called a truck stop a few exits from our location and they said they had propane. When we finally got there, they only had the little bottles. We finally gave up and decided to head over the countryside toward our destination and hoped we run into someone selling propane. As our luck was running, we didn't pass anyone selling propane. When we arrived at the campground, they gave us a number of a local place that would delivery propane to us at the campground on Tuesday. We had to be sparing on our usage so I cooked most our meals outside and prayed it didn't get too cold for our heat pump. Our propane lasted the 2 days and the truck showed up on time.

Our friends, Don and Vicki Firment, were already here when we arrived. It is good to see them. The last time we were together, we were at our lake house in PA in October. It is also nice that Don plays golf and rides a harley so dan has someone else to play with other than me. We went on a long ride one day and checked out mustang island. It was a nice day which included a ferry ride and a few margarita's. We also visited a great local restaurant. On Tuesdays, a local restaurant has all you can eat chicken fried steak for $2.25 and $1.00 margarita. The food was really good. The place was full of seniors looking for the almost free lunch. Dan and Don played Texas Holdem at the clubhouse on 3 occasions. Dan won 3rd place and $35 dollar one night. We also tried our hand at Bingo but didn't have any luck.

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