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Recognize these two miners?

A "1925 miner" sweeping his porch!

Connie trying her hand at being a coal mine "Pusher" - luckily...

Playing on the train

How long has it been since you've seen gas prices this low?

Hi Friends!

I am writing this on July 22nd…..a little bit behind. I am sorry but I seem to have trouble getting myself focused on writing our journal…..please forgive me for being so late entering these updates! I promise I will get back into the swing of things….soon.

On June 29 we took the day and visited a wonderful natural historic site, the Atlas Coal Mine. This is the last of the 139 mines that used to operate in the Drumheller Valley. We took the tour and climbed up the last wooden tipple in Canada. However we did not feel like donning caps and lamps and exploring the underground tunnel…..I prefer to be above ground and Peter has been nursing a sore Achilles tendon……so we opted out of this longer walking tour.

Even without taking the tour people are able to walk through the old buildings and see how a miner lived back in 1925. Peter even got into the part and swept the porch! I took a turn at being a Pusher – the first underground job usually geared for the younger children when they first start at the mines. This entailed pushing the empty carts to the miners and pushing the loaded ones back. When we took the tour the guide informed us that the coal got pretty heavy and it was quite tough pushing or holding back the cart when going up or down the hills! No easy task.

Peter decided to jump in the train – just like any kid (young or old) would do and blow the whistle! Later we had a nice picnic lunch sitting under the warm sunshine – all in all a very enjoyable day.

Hope this finds you happy, healthy and enjoying the summer. Peter & Connie

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