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Trip to Mars

Journey to Imagination

Energy . . . Dinosaurs

Duck enjoying man made pond


Beautiful Garden

Off Kilter performs some great music

Dick with Canadian Totem

Waterfalls in Canadian area

Norway . . .replica of Chapel

Dick with Viking King

Viking raider . . . scarey

Viking ship

Dragon Head

hmmmm now here's a Viking that looks familiar

Japanese Temple

Japanese drummers

Miniature German Village

German Clock

Beautiful detailed painting on the buildings

German music

Lively tunes to dine by

Long Horns (Ashley do you want to try one of these)

Our second day we headed to the Epcot Center and went on a simulated space flight to Mars which was very realistic. We also visited the Energy Pavilion and learned all about sources of energy, conserving energy and what we can do to help solve future energy issues. It was great. We saw Figment the delightful purple dragon in the Journey to Imagination. Many wonderful education opportunities even for us old folks!

Then it was off the World Showcase the other part of Epcot that hosts many countries. The employees are actually from the country and it's delightful to hear the accents and be able to meet these ambassadors.

We had lunch in Norway and dinner in Germany. Delicious food both places. Wish we had time to sample the delights of all the countries.

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