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Waterfall on State Highway 5 on the way to Napier. We pulled...

Extreme close-up of waterfall. Lovely.

Napier on the East Coast. Pretty plain really! Nice art deco scene...

Another shot of Napier. Un-inspiring.

That's more like it! We love NZ's random orange signs!

World's worst beach? Well done Napier. Job well done.

Gareth made Helen get up early today. Ooops. Mistake.

But she was fine after her cereal of the moment 'Chex'. Gareth had toast. All is fine. We headed off in Gordon [the bus] towards Napier. It's a great drive through masses of forest and sweeping countryside. Every 30 miles or so the road weaves up a hill / mountain and then back down the other side. Saw some police cars today trying to catch people speeding. No NOT GARETH THIS TIME! As if a beat up old transit van is going to go faster than 100kmh (60 mph). Anyway... we got to Napier about lunchtime.

The area around Napier is full blown wine country, so you can imagine that it has a climate to suit. The area, which is on the east coast of the North Island, has a favourable brease and is relitavely flat, but with hills and mountains further inland. Napier itself is quite industrial and has its own port.

Napier - History.

Gotta do this folks...

In the 20s Napier had a huge earthquake, which took out most of the town, but at the same time, it pushed the sea back and 'reclamed' about 20 sq. kilometers of land. This meant that Napier had to start again.

Right. Back to the modern day. As Napier was rebuilt in the 20s and 30s it is now one of the world's largest collections of Art Deco Architecture. It's everywhere. Sharp walls, clean lines and two tone buildings. It's like being in a Bugsy Malone film. Napier is however, very pretty. It's a shame too that it is also chock full of boy racers. NZ police have a lot of work to do. Nice Nova mate. hahaha.

We parked the bus on the front and headed into town. We shopped around, bought supplies and checked out some of the famed architecture. Gareth also managed to talk to his Dad in Bangkok! His dad had previously tried to ring the NZ mobile but our batteries had run out.

There wasn't much to catch the imagination in Napier, so we headed out of town on State Highway 2.

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