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Big Bat


You should have seen the one that got away!

Casey, Larry, and Mickey

Well, here we are, still in Kentucky, another really beautiful state that we have visited on our extended trek across the US. It seems like each state tries to outperform the last one to see which is more beautiful. Again lots of rolling hills with trees, but a little more open grasslands have begun to appear. Many with white fences enclosing small herds of horses of all types. These are the beautiful bluegrass hills of Kentucky, so named because of the blue blossoms that appear on the grasslands in early spring.

After leaving Cascade Caves State Park, Don and Bonnie, along with Tony and Juliann headed for Horse Park state Park near Lexington. Larry and Diane went on ahead to Grandma's RV park near Shepherdsville, about 20 miles south of Louisville.

Larry & Diane took advantage of the day to do some much needed laundry and grocery shopping while awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Trekies the following day. Once all had arrived, we gathered everyone up and headed in to the Louisville Slugger Bat company in downtown Louisville. With the help of our GPS system it was easy to find, of course the 120' high bat leaning against the building was pretty difficult to miss.

We spent a couple of hours watching a movie and taking a factory tour while our guide explained the bat manufacturing process. We watched while they turned the bats automatically on large lathes in about 30 seconds each. Then they had names and logos burned into them, then on to finishing and packaging. Quite a fascinating process.

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