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yup, i reckon thatll be all. gonna meet sally tomorrow at the airport here in sydney. we fly to hongkong to LA to DFW. i dont have anything profound to say. no earth-shattering reflections to make you all contemplate life. sorry. i will say that im ready to get back to reality, since for the last month or so ive been doing nothing at all but bouncing from beach to beach looking for frisbee partners. although, maybe this trip, the bulk of it, has been more a slice of reality than anything else ive experienced in life. it doesnt seem like thats the case because its not the norm. but there certainly are orphans and their problems are real. the dutiful buddhists in tibet, the old and lonely widow in russia, the tsunami victims in india and thailand, jun ping in china, the elephant safari guide in nepal, the mongolian family we met on the trans-siberian train - all very real. all of them will wake up in the morning with struggles different, and alike, from mine and yours. funny to think that there are people around the world living their lives just like the rest of us - this very second. this last leg of the trip has been nice, but i feel like a bum. im ready to get back to work. not just cause im broke (im talking double digits in the bank account), but because we were made to work and it just feels good. satisfying, you know?

im also ready to see the people i love, if only for a few weeks, before i head north again. we all have some catching up to do, dont we? all i ask in return for some stories is a cheeseburger, with bacon. kidding. thanks for keeping up with us through this. its been nice for us to have someone to share it with.

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