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Cambodian Monks


The Royal Couple at their palace



Little buddha





Group shot


Torture room1

Pictures of the dead

The killing fields

The killing fields

The killing field monument

Mass grave sign

The killing fields - mass grave dug up

A flower growing in the killing fields

The hope of a butterfly in the killing fields


flodded fields

Pnom Phen

Welcome to Cambodia...

We were sad to see the end of Vietnam (after all we had just started getting used to it after a month!). Cambodia was instantly different as we crossed the border. You could sense it as the landscaped changed almost instantly.

The things that stand out for me about Cambodia is how recent it's horrific past has been and how there are still thousands of landmines still buried in places that tourists go to every day.

It's only been since the late 1980's that mass murders of local Cambodians took place under the Khmer regime. It was the government's master plan to return to what they call "year zero" - basically cull out all of the intellectuals and people who opposed them and divide all the rest of the people out to rural areas. Hard to believe, but there are still Khmer officials in office today and nothing much has been done to bring these leaders to justice. The killing fields where those tortured and killed were buried was an eerie reminder of how the holocaust-like atrocities have happened since WW2.

We also visited a make-shift land mine museum run by volunteers to educate locals on how to dismantle remaining landmines safely (they collect the scrap metal for money) and inform tourists of what is actually happening in this otherwise beautiful country. This was one of the projects that Imaginative Traveller tour company supports and which part of our tour money went towards.

I had felt there was a lot of war information and history in Vietnam; but nothing had quite prepared me for what we heard and saw in Cambodia.

The other pictures were part of the city tour of typical Cambodian architecture and a peaceful sunset view from our hotel.

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