Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Mom Linda right and daughter Sarah

Today is our 11 month trip anniversary. Wow! Seems like just yesterday we left our Decatur Georgia driveway March 7th. Before I give you the stats there is a neat story today. We met a woman last time at TMM in Tucson at the local Greek restaurant. We got to talking while she was serving us our meal outside in the sunshine. One thing led to another and we found out that her parents in Vermont were NOMADS too. Shirley looked them up on the NOMADS website only remembering their last name initial and state. There was only one registered NOMAD in Vermont that fit the criteria. Shirley sent them an email saying we met their daughter in Tucson, etc. Today we went back to the restaurant for lunch and Linda was there. No only that but her daughter Sarah was working side by side with her. We chatted again and Linda told us her mother had told her about Shirley's email. We are hoping to catch up with Gene and Martha when we get to Florida as they wrap up their stay in the Sunshine state. Just another great story. They keep on comin'. OK, now the stats at 11 months. Miles driven: 26,950, Diesel expense: $9,095, Ave cost per gallon: $3.941, MPG: 11.68, Lodging cost: $5,185.20, Ave cost per night: $15.21 (%7 tax)= $16.27, Lodging savings: $1221.98 (our camping clubs which cost $60) net savings $1161.98, Fun stuff: 3066.59: Fun Savings (coupons/sr/etc) $587.90, Truck/Camper maintenence: $4172.00. We want to thank my father for his continuing generosity. He is such a jewel (I know he is embarassed now). We are having SO MUCH FUN we have decided to stay out another 6 months!! ps I had my follow up doctor's appointment today for my kidney stones and it appears the stones are being caused by a couple of things that can be neutralized with medicine and I should not get anymore and the one I have in my left kidney (which is small) may disolve. No dietary restrictions. I am liking that. My hearing aid was also fixed today so it is time to leave Tucson, finally. Thanks our friends for reading and your comments. Enjoy the pic.

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